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The Company

Genera designs alternative energy solutions and realizes vanguard systems for the management of energy needs, for houses and companies.

The company mission is to have the leadership in the design, installation and maintenance of the facilities for domestic and working wellness: heating, electricity, alternative sources, and ecological, sanitary hydro solutions, and fire protection.

Technological comfort is a human goal for the challenge of tomorrow: Genera anticipates the future for a better management of the environment in which people live and work.

Each solution is tailored to the specific needs of each customer in order to be adapted to specific domestic and working, needs besides the environmental ones Solidity, experience and continuing professional training qualify Genera as a company able to activate the best technical solution for public and private buildings proposing either traditional plants at high efficiency or innovative systems for air conditioning and heating, besides the most modern and important alternative energy sources such as photovoltaic, mini wind power and solar thermal.

Genera can help fulfill the wish of a safe house, a clean environment, a quiet comfortable life: it is Your consultant in energy saving. Genera is specialized in the delivery of energy services, design, installation, operation and maintenance of thermal systems for public and private buildings. It can undertake such activities because among its staff collaborators includes the presence of an Energy Manager, third level conductors of thermal power plants and qualified personnel.

The Company

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